To be the most advanced bilingual international early-stage educational solution provider

To be the advanced bilingual international early-stage online educational solution provider in the world.


The bilingual textbook and curriculum of CAN4U KIDS are designed and adapted by elite Canadian ESL educators. They have combined the national teaching syllabus of China and the provincial syllabus from British Columbia, Canada.  Our curriculum take both practibility and engagement into account,  which enables young ESL learns to acquire both linguistic knowledge and communicative strategies actively. In addition, the teaching materials and curriculum will also engage children with authentic science knowledge and practical skills that are essential in real life.

CAN4U KIDS is dedicated to recruit the most professional Canadian ESL and ECE educators who have a Bachelor Degree in Early-Childhood Education or equivalent majors. We ensure that all teachers have superior online teaching skills, develop a critical understanding of the textbook, and are able to facilitate students through online classes. CAN4U KIDS’s teaching faculty is committed to bringing the most engaging class climate and most culturally responsive teaching style to young learners in China.

CAN4U KIDS will adopt the Eye-Protection Large Monitor Display to reduce the potential damage to children’s eyesight while learning online, which can also relieve parents from being worried. Additionally, we are going to develop Virtual Reality Courseware to improve the multimodality level of all the online classes presented by our teachers.

CAN4U KIDS looks forward to building a long-term cooperative relationship with our kindergarten franchise. We are going provide comprehensive franchise services to help kindergartens become advanced international bilingual-education-mode kindergartens.

Agent Comments


CAN4U KIDS provides comprehensive supports and flexible fees to help Chinese kindergartens that attempt to achieve a quality improvement. They help more private-owned kindergartens in China gain an ‘international bilingual-education-mode kindergarten’ qualification by offering an affordable price and valuable assistances.

Jiajie Wu
Beijing Zhongjun Future Education Technology Co. Ltd.

Miku, as the most authoritative Angel Investment and Service organization, is very honored and pleased to introduce CAN4U KIDS to all the kindergarten entrepreneurs in China. CAN4U KIDS will not only provide professional Canadian educators to teach online classes, it will also assist the kindergarten franchise with respect to management and training. CAN4U KIDS is a reliable and professional business partner, and an advanced education resource that both entrepreneurs and Chinese children won’t want to miss out.

Lei Zhang
Shenyang Miku Entrepreneur Service Center


CAN4U KIDS Online Bilingual Experimental Class Franchise Solution

The franchise journey with CAN4U KIDS will start from one online bilingual experimental class! CAN4U KIDS will schedule 3 online English classes presented by ESL teachers, and 2 offline review classes that are going to delivered by Chinese teachers each week, so that students are able to fully benefit from the most advanced bilingual education mode. Students only need to pay 800 RMB each semester to have 80 bilingual classes, which makes the average fee for each class 10 RMB! We believe the affordable tuition fee and the high-quality education will enable client kindergartens to attract more students.

CAN4UKIDS Online Bilingual Experimental Kindergarten Franchise Solution

It is well known that the franchise fee for being qualified as an international bilingual kindergarten can be overwhelmingly unaffordable, which has consequently impeded the development of bilingual education mode for the majority of China’s kindergartens. To solve the problem, CAN4U KIDS is dedicated to provide an affordable online kindergarten franchise solution to entrepreneurs. Our service, online English courses taught remotely by Canadian teachers, will make the affordable and valuable bilingual education possible for our kindergarten franchise. In addition, our solutions enable client kindergartens to attract more students, thus increasing revenues and profitability.