Shake off the impact of COVID-19 with the online bilingual-education kindergarten solution from CAN4U KIDS

Act now! The first 30 kindergarten franchise will get one-month online classes for free!

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Kindergarten Franchise System

Online Bilingual Experimental Class Franchise Solution

CAN4U KIDS is dedicate to help as many kindergartens as possible by promoting our advanced franchise service. The least-accepted franchise unit will be one class. It will only cost each child 800RMB per semester to have 80 bilingual classes that are presented by our professional Canadian teacher faculty. Online bilingual experimental class franchise solution will add a new and more immersive element to your kindergarten classroom, and help take your students’ English language proficiency to a higher level. 

Online Bilingual Experimental Kindergarten Franchise Solution

CAN4U KIDS is dedicated to provide an affordable online kindergarten franchise solution to entrepreneurs. Our service, online English courses taught remotely by Canadian teachers, will make the affordable and valuable bilingual education possible for our kindergarten franchise. In addition, our solutions enable client kindergartens to attract more students, thus increasing profitability and improving educational management.

Online Teacher, Offline Dispatch

It is well known that the foreign-related, especially employment-involved issues can be complex and risky for most of Chinese entrepreneurs. To solve this problem, CAN4U KIDS will take all responsibilities of online teacher management, and the foreign-related procedures with respect to dispatching our online teachers to offline classes in China’s kindergartens  (e.g. work permit application, accommodation in China).

Ultimate Franchise Goal: CAN4U KIDS International Bilingual-Education-Mode Kindergarten

Our product offering for kindergartens and preschools include: on-line English courses delivered remotely by Canadian teachers, placing Canadian teachers in Chinese preschools and kindergartens, and a Kindergarten Franchise system. Our teacher services enable preschool operators to meet demand for quality bilingual preschool education in China, while the Franchise business provides training and support to improve the overall education management quality.

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