Canadian teachers

The teacher faculty of CAN4U KIDS is completely Canadian-based. All the ESL and ECE educators that we provided have a Bachelor Degree in Early-Childhood Education or equivalent majors, and some of them also hold RECE or TESOL certificate. They also have superior online teaching skills, develop a critical understanding of the textbook, and are able to facilitate students through online classes. Our teacher faculty will always prioritize professionalism and compatibility to maximize Chinese children’s learning motivation.

advanced Textbook

By employing the advanced early-childhood education philosophy in Canada, CAN4U KIDS have designed and adapted Chinese-children-friendly textbook and curriculum for online classes. Our elite Canadian ESL educators combine the national teaching syllabus of China and the provincial syllabus from British Columbia, Canada. The textbook and curriculum take both practicability and engagement into account, which enables young ESL learns to acquire both linguistic knowledge and communicative strategies actively.

Engaging Teaching Style

The teacher faculty of CAN4U KIDS is committed to bringing the most engaging class climate and most culturally responsive teaching style to Chinese children. They are also dedicated to conduct multimodal and cognition-responsive teaching approaches to engage children during the online classes. Our education mission is to facilitate Chinese children to learn comprehensive subjects and master multiple skills by conducting an authentic Canadian early-childhood education philosophy.

Eye-Protection Monitor Display

CAN4U KIDS will adopt the Eye-Protection Large Monitor Display to reduce the potential damage to children’s eyesight while learning online, which can also relieve parents from being worried. Additionally, we are going to develop Virtual Reality Courseware to improve the multimodality level of all the online classes presented by our teachers.

Flexible Franchise Policy

The franchise journey with CAN4U KIDS will start from one online bilingual experimental class, and develop to the entire kindergarten. Students only need to pay 800 RMB each semester to have the advanced online bilingual classes. We believe the affordable tuition fee and the high-quality education will enable client kindergartens to attract more students.

Sufficient Franchise Support

CAN4U KIDS promises to provide sufficient franchise supports and services to our kindergarten franchise. The supports include campus construction and decoration, teacher training and management, students admissions and promotion, etc. We will ensure that our kindergarten franchise grow stronger and more successful!

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