Our Teachers


Colleen Bowman

Ms. Colleen is an Early Childhood Educator and EFL teacher. She has a degree in Child Study and has been teaching young children for 25 years. She is enthusiastic about sharing enjoyable and interactive learning activities with children! Her teaching style is calm, patient, and warm. She loves to learn new things and tries to instill a love of learning through her lessons.


Caitlin Griffin

Ms. Griffin works as a resource teacher at the school board, and has 2 years of working experience in kindergarten. She also holds a CCEYA Certificate. Ms. Griffin often employs multimodal pedagogy and engage students with both visual and audio materials. She also works for CAN4U KIDS as a curriculum developer


Natalie Williams

Ms. Williams has 3 years of experience in teaching English to young Chinese ESL learners remotely. She also has 2 years of elementary school working experience. Ms. Williams has developed effective teaching approaches of improve young Chinese ESL learner's language acquisition. Her teaching style is engaging and enthusiastic.


CAN4U KIDS provides online Kindergarten courses, including English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Skills. All the courses are suitable for children of 3-6 age groups.

Kindergarten English language Arts:

• Alphabet

• Consonants and vowels

• Syllables and Rhyming

• Blending and segmenting

• Consonant sounds and letters

• Consonant blends and digraphs

• Long vowels and Short vowels

• Sight words

• Sentences

• Parts of speech

Kindergarten Math

• Numbers and counting up to 100

• Comparing, Sorting, ordering and classifying

• Time and position

• Addition

• Subtraction

• Measurement

• Money

• Shapes and Patterns

Kindergarten Science

• Plants, Animals

• The Earth, Moon, and Sun

• Weather and Seasons

• Space Science

• Life Science

• The Five Senses

• Colors

Kindergarten Social Skills

• Friendship

• Holiday Traditions

• Rules and Laws